How to get your very own Bootay Bag

I am beyond obsessed with Bootay Bag.


For those of you who don’t know what Bootay Bag is, it’s a company that you can subscribe to, and they send you two beautiful pairs of underwear for only $12.00 a month!  Bootay Bag donates $1 to the Melanoma Foundation every time someone uses #undermatters ! So hashtag away!

They send you a thong, a cheeky pantie, or a mix of both. You get to select your size and style preference when you subscribe.

Not only do you get two beautiful, unique pairs of panties, you also help in giving back to the Melanoma Foundation.

The undies feel amazing on your skin, super silky. I almost forget I even have them on. I accidentally ordered the wrong size, and the Bootay Bag team didn’t even question it and sent me the correct size. The team at Bootay Bag are the sweetest and won’t give you a hard time.

Ditch the typical choice and take a risk with Bootay Bag, you won’t regret it.

Sounds like a win win to me.





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  1. I have been getting these for 3-4 months now. But there’s 2 black undies and 1 purple undie that oozed color even during the 2nd wash. I didn’t have this experience with light colored panties. Just putting it out there..

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