Wedderspoon Manuka Honey

Have you ever tried Manuka Honey? Well. I have, and I can honestly say I have never tasted anything quite like it!

Manuka Honey is Honey that comes from Manuka flower nectar in New Zealand. Manuka Honey can be used in recipes, as a face mask, mixed with tea as a more natural sweetener to sugar, or eaten raw.

I decided to stick a spoon in it, and lick it right off, it was just sweet enough and smooth, definitely hit the spot with my sweet tooth.

On their website, you will be informed on the hard work bees do to provide us with such an amazing sweet treat, along with some fun and informative facts about the ecosystem and a rewards program called “Sweet rewards”.

It’s a free program in which you earn points towards free things from their website! I also had the pleasure of trying their lipcare coconut lime scented chapstick and their Manuka lollipops.

The chapstick was absolutely delightful, it made my lips extra smooth and soft and smelled amazing. The lollipops are 100% RDA vitamin C and are flavored in raspberry, orange and grape.

They are perfect for a healthy snack for kids or adults!

Overall grade- A

They only have a few Manuka Honey products, but what they do have is absolutely great and super yummy!
Use code MANUKALOVE for 15% off your online order!


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