What to watch next on Netflix

 I often see posts on Facebook of people asking what they should watch next on Netflix. So here is my list of what to watch next on Netflix:

10.) Anne with an E

Anne with an E is based on the novel series Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud. In the first episode, you’ll meet Anne, a girl who is mistakenly brought to Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert when they were expecting and wanting a boy, who then have to decide if they will settle with what they were given.

9.) Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin is an American Telenovela about a girl who was accidentally artificially inseminated by her gynecologist, who inseminated her brothers sperm, into her patient instead of her brothers wife who was having trouble getting pregnant. This show is full of twists and turns that, although unlikely, fit in perfectly with the telenovela theme.

8.) The Following

If you are looking for a show that keeps you on the edge of your seat, The Following is the series for you. Ryan Hardy, an FBI agent, attempts to find an escaped serial killer, Joe Carroll, whom messes with Ryan’s head throughout the series. This show will keep you wanting more throughout the entire season.

7.) The 100

This show inspired my favorite baby girls name, but that’s besides the point. The 100 is a series set in the future, where the human race is living in space, and are running out of materials needed to survive, so they send all the “delinquents” down to earth to try and see if humans can once again survive on earth.

6.) El Internado

I was first introduced to El Internado in 10th and 11th grade Spanish class. The whole series is in Spanish, but there’s always subtitles! The show is basically about a boarding school with a mystery going on, a select group of students go under ground, literally, to try figure it out.

5.) How I met your mother

Of course if you haven’t at least heard of How I met your Mother you must be living under a rock. Its the comedy of the years. The show is about friends who met years before in college, that live in New York and go through relationships and work drama together, almost every episode features them at “their spot” at a bar.

4.) Glee

Glee mostly came to light, at least for me, when one of the main characters, Cory Monteith passed away and was all over the news. The show basically is set in high school and is about a group of kids from different levels of the social pyramid coming together and being part of a team and overcoming obstacles.

3.) Prison Break

Prison Break will get you so angry that you will want, no scratch that, have, to keep watching. This show is about a guy named Michael who finds out his brother is in jail accused of murder, but knows he didn’t do it, so he gets himself arrested and put in jail to help him find a way to escape. Many would say this is impossible, but not for the guy who built the jail from the ground up and has the blueprint tattooed on his back!

2.) Girlfriends Guide to Divorce

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce is an awesome and hilarious show following an author who writes a best seller on how to raise kids, all while hiding the fact that her and her husband are separated. She explores life as a single 40 something and learns things she didn’t realize when she was trapped in her marriage, like dating 10 guys in 2 days for a column, super funny stuff.

1.) Friends from College

This show is 100% the most funny show I’ve watched on Netflix to date. I started watching it because Robin from How I met your Mother is one of the main characters on the show.

Hope you enjoyed this article!


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