5 Tips to Couponing

Hey everyone!

I have been picking up a new hobby lately that I would love to mix into my blog, and by the title, I’m sure you can guess what it is!

Couponing has already saved me over $200, and I’ve couponed only 4 trips.

Here are 5 tips to couponing, Hopefully it helps any beginners learn how to start! At the end of the article you will find a Glossary of terms you may not yet know! 

Please ask any questions you may have. 

Tip 1:

Join as many Facebook groups as you can in your area.  

When I started getting an interest in couponing, I would follow the brags* people posted on Facebook groups and mimic them myself. Before I even understood what I was doing, I did a haul* copying that of someone else in the group and I got 10 boxes of cereal for under $5.00 OOP*.

Tip 2:

Get Rebate apps, they are worth it. 

Ibotta and Checkout 51, are apps that give you rebates* for the items you are already buying allow you to collect money for spending on things you were already going to spend. Use the code hgdwvfq for both of us to earn extra cash on the app Ibotta in the App Store. 

Tip 3:

Collect as many coupons as you can.

Some hauls people take are strictly IP’s*, and some are a mix of IP’s and coupons from P&G*, or other newspaper coupons. Collect as many copy’s of these coupons as you can. Know there’s a limit to printing coupons from 2 prints of the same coupon per device. The more sets you have, the more you can buy. Printing multiple coupons gives you different barcodes unless you copy them! 

There are two types of coupons, Manufacturer coupons and store coupons. The printable coupons you get from are manufacturer coupons, so are the coupons you get from the newspaper. These coupons can be used in any stores, however store coupons can only be used in the specific store on the coupon.

Tip 4:

Know the stores coupons policies. 

Some stores don’t allow coupons, some allow only a certain amount, some stores like stop and shop and Shaw’s actually double coupons, between .1-.99 cents, for example let’s say I have a coupon for .50 cents and use it on a box of tissues that costs $1.00 at a store that doubles, my coupon then doubles to be $1.00 off and that box of tissues is free. Not all stores have the same coupon policy, do your research. 

Tip 5: 

Get store apps and become loyalty members. 

Get the apps for the stores you shop at most, Rite Aid, CVS, Stop and Shop, Shaw’s, a lot of stores have apps that you can earn either points or get coupons for items in the store. These coupons are typically not found in newspaper coupons or online, so these apps will give you unique coupons, often better than what others have. 

I hope you enjoyed reading and please feel free to ask me any questions you may have! 



*Key Vocab-

Brag- a post made to show off what a couponer bought and how little they spent, if anything

Haul- A shopping spree when you buy things with your coupons.

OOP- Out of pocket, the amount of money you actually spend after all coupons have come off the total price. 

Rebate- Getting money back for making purchases. 

IP’s- Internet Printable, use websites like to collect coupons. 

P&G- Coupon Inserts in the newspaper, often contain coupons for food, shampoo, conditioner, health and beauty items etc. Sometimes there are coupons on their website, check periodically! 

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